Social media marketing is one of those things that businesses often think they know how to do, even if, in reality, they don’t understand it much at all. We’re now going to cover 10 of the things a lot of those people don’t know about social media marketing but really should.

1. Engagement is Key

Marketing on social media is about more than throwing out ideas and sales pitches. Those kinds of things are very easy for people to ignore. So, if you want to make sure that people are paying attention, you need to ask questions to engage them. Get them involved and keep them involved.

2. You Need to Know Who You’re Targeting

Before you target customers, you really need to know who they are. It makes it so much easier to tap into your audience better on social media when you understand that audience better.

3. And the Nuances & Quirks of the Various Platforms

You also need to remember that Twitter is not the same as Instagram and Facebook isn’t the same as Pinterest. Your audience will be slightly different on each of these platforms and the approach you take should be as well.

4. Post When People Are Paying Attention

Social media never shuts; it’s out there ticking over 24 hours of the day. However, your audience will be more likely to be there and paying attention at particular times. Think about working schedules and when people are more likely to be on social media and post most at those times.

5. Social Media Marketing and Google Adwords Are Completely Different

Google Adwords is ensuring your ads get seen on search results pages by the right people. It’s very useful but it’s a very different art than social media marketing, which is more about being social and content-driven.

6. Not Every Deciding Factor Can be Measured

As we’ll discuss soon, the numbers and analytics matter, but not everything is measurable. Your charisma, tone of voice and humour levels are not things that can be measured but they are vital nonetheless.

7. Creativity Plays a Huge Role

Being creative is key because people connect with creative ideas. People don’t get drawn to dry and dull content, so having that creative edge will really help you to engage people better on social media.

8. Use In-Built Metrics

A lot of these platforms have in-built metrics to help you understand how your content is performing, what you’re doing right and where you’re going wrong. Don’t ignore these options.

9. Your Biggest Challenge is Standing Out From the Crowd

With so much noise and so many companies vying for the attention of customers on social media, one of your biggest challenges will be finding a way to stand out from the crowd. It’s not easy and that’s why creative thinking is required.

10. Help is Usually Required

Sometimes, you hit a wall and don’t know how to progress. When that happens, you need support from people who know social media inside out.’s retained services could be what you need, so be sure to check them out.

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