Why the agency that creates your brand should be the same agency that builds your website and does your social media marketing

How do you handle selecting the agency for your business marketing? You might start with one agency to build your brand, move onto another to create your website and another still to handle social media promotion. There are a wide variety of reasons why a company might do this.

They could be using it as a way to potentially cut costs or they might think that the original solution did not have the necessary expertise in website building. That said, there are numerous benefits for keeping the same agency throughout your marketing and promotional campaign. Here’s are a few factors you should consider.

A Deeper Understanding

Ideally, you should work with an agency on your marketing strategy that was with you when your brand was conceived and created. Hopefully, they will have been part of your team or will have been providing a helping hand since day one. If this is the case, then they will have key insights into the ethos that underpins the brand.

They can then use that deeper level of understanding to make key decisions and put in place creative strategies for everything from the business website to the social profiles of the company.

In Sync Promotion

When you build a promotional strategy, it’s important that your tone of voice and attitude remains consistent across different levels or sections of your brand. The benefit of doing this is that customers or clients will be able to view a piece of your content or marketing material and immediately recognise it is from your business. This will also ensure that it is easier to build up a brand image that customers can relate to and understand completely. Ultimately, this is about sending the right message and ensuring that you are delivering a promotional strategy that meshes together and forms a united brand concept.

This includes everything from the social media campaign that you create to the blog posts that you publish. It should all form one campaign and using the same agency ensures this will be the case.

Our Philosophy

Here at digital360.mobi, we always prefer to work with a company from the conception of the brand through website creation and digital marketing. Our aim is to be with you, accompanying you through the life journey of your brand as it continues to develop. On this journey, we will work to provide the digital support that you need and guarantee that your business does not get left behind.

By utilising our services for everything from web development to social media marketing, we can make sure that we build a long term relationship with your brand. We tend to discourage one-off projects and instead make sure we are with you long enough to get under the skin and know exactly what your brand is all about.

If you’re interested in learning more about the solution that we offer and why it’s useful to use the same agency throughout your marketing brand strategy, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are ready and eager to bring your marketing campaign to life and take your brand to new heights.

Get in touch now for a free consultation.

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