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About Us

Our mission is to simplify digital

Digital360.mobi is different.
We believe that digital should set you free.

We’re a digital consultancy on a mission – to deliver cutting edge digital design and marketing services with a difference.

What’s so different about Digital360?

We are a true virtual company, meaning that we take on your digital design and marketing requirements as if we were part of your business. We can even commit or embed a design professional to work on your project as if he or she were part of your own in-house team – but with the massive reach of the digital360 network.

You get to outsource all the worry. You don’t need to hire the people or stay ahead of trends and rapidly changing technologies. You don’t need to worry about complex technical detail either. We do it all for you. And we commit to your project just as if we were your own in-house team – but with a massive reach.

Our business model is unique. It is founded on a European-wide network of skilled professionals. That means we can pick the right team, with the right skill-set, every time. From Madrid to Minsk and beyond, our specialist design and development professionals deliver clean, cutting-edge digital solutions for you. But that’s not all. How often have you listened to a confounding technical exposition of a clever piece of design, without – let’s be honest – entirely getting it? That brings us to the other part of our mission – to deliver our digital solutions in approachable and jargon-free language; the support you need, without blinding you with science.

We’ve packaged this digital magic especially for the smaller business in our Business Creation Project. This initiative is designed for entrepreneurs. It enables them to entrust the digital foundations of their business to us, freeing them to focus on what they’re good at. Contact us to learn more about the Business Creation Project.  www.businesscreationproject.com

Company registration: 9093269
VAT registration: 300 1776 49

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This is a small selection of the network of professionals at your disposal when you engage Digital360.mobi.

Dwayne Ferguson is our MD, he has 20 years of experience from the very early days of the Internet to now. Our mission now, is to simplify digital. We have put together a network of digital professionals to do this.

You can read his personal blog here; DwayneFerguson.com

He has worked as a Digital Account Director for Sapient Nitro with joint responsibility for the Unilever account. He has also previously acted Senior Account Manager on Automotive accounts Nissan, Volvo and Ford.

Digtial360.mobi is a new and unique proposition, in that it is essentially a network of digital professionals in the UK and across Europe, with the single aim of providing a first class service to our customers.


Monique Barrett
Digital Marketing Specialist

Monique is an experienced brand marketing executive with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. She is skilled in Event Planning, Management, Customer Service, Strategic Planning, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Strong marketing professional with a MSC Brand Management focused in Brand Management, Marketing/Marketing Management, CRM.


Oscar Polanco – Head of Design and UX

Oscar has over 20-years of experience in graphic/web design and build.
Working as part of the digital360.mobi network has already proven to a formidable design partnership.

Arni Pridans –  Design and build

Arni has worked with Dwayne for 15 years, his experience and skill in graphic/web design and build is invaluable to the team.

Ivan Vetrau
Head of Technology and Software Development

Ivan has over 10-years of experience in web and software development.
He is the technical lead of a team of 10 full-stack developers, who specialise in Node.js. They have build a range of solutions from mobile apps to eCommerce website and bespoke Content Management Systems.

Our Skill Set We specialise in all things digital.

Digital360.mobi is essentially a network of trusted professionals in all aspect of digital design and build. We are multi disciplinary in our skill base and are located across Europe, our development team is based in Minsk, our design team in Madrid and our consultancy in London.

Branding, 95
Web Design, 80
UI/UX Design, 95
JS/jquery, 75
Wordpress, 85