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A smart app for customers to manage their returns.

CCL approached us to design and develop their eTurns mobile and web app, to allow their customers to carry out their returns quickly and easily, both on mobile and desktop. We designed the app in line with their branding and built it for iOS, Android and the web.

Our step-by-step process.

Our process started with defining the objectives for the eTurns app, hence understanding both CCL’s requirements and the result they wanted to achieve. Once the objectives were clear, we moved on to the design phase where we designed both a mobile app and a web app. Following the completion of the design, we created an interactive prototype, which served both as a presentation of the app to CCL and an exercise to gather their feedback. In the final step, our developers worked to bring the app design to light on iOS, Android and the web.

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The objectives for the eTurns app were to create an intuitive on-brand tool for customers to manage their returns as well as bring innovation to the returns’ process for CCL.
Part of the objectives was also ensuring that customers could access eTurns on different devices and on the web. eTurns also needed to be visibly connected to the CCL brand, hence the use of CCL brand elements such as their colours and logo.


We designed eTurns both as a mobile app and a web app while realising two user journeys – one for guest users and one for registered users. The design included all the key features the app needed to offer for customers to view their order, select the items to be returned and receive their QR code to complete the transaction at the parcel shop’s location of their choice.

It also included the possibility for customers to be contacted by a Customer Service Representative should they experience a problem on the app. The result was an on-brand modern design that provided an intuitive user experience for CCL customers to manage their returns quickly and easily.

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“Digital360 created a complete new subsidiary business for our company including a unique online payment tool and mobile app for iOS and Android. We are currently licensing the service internationally and Digital360 are managing the whole process. I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Rudee Bertie, Director, CCL


Before moving on to the development phase, we created an interactive prototype which allowed CCL to review the app design and its functionality as well as give us feedback. We work closely with our clients and we consider feedback really important to achieve optimal results. Through this exercise, we identified changes to be made and final touches to add on.


We handed off the completed design to our development team who built eTurns for iOS, Android and the web.

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