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Mixed Freight Services are leading providers within the UK domestic market for 24/7 general UK and European transportation, aviation and warehousing services, including commercial vehicle hire. They offer a variety of services in secure supply chain transportation – covering the collection, handling, security screening and delivery of cargo. While based at Heathrow, their reputation extends across the world.

Digital360 has worked as an integrated virtual team alongside Mixed Freight’s team to create their new website, grow their social media presence and establish a closer connection with their clients through their newsletters. Their new online image was further enhanced through original state-of-the-art photography which made their brand stand out in their industry.

Our step-by-step process.

The work on the website followed our design process which includes understanding the client’s requirements and determining what prospective customers’ expectations would be once on the site.We also partnered with a professional photographer to produce authentic images of Mixed Freight’s staff at their premises. Not only the new images served to create an attractive website, but also to stand out on social media.


The main goal for this project was to create an online image that would look and feel different from other logistics companies, projecting Mixed Freight’s expertise and impact in their industry as well as the diverse array of personalities and talent behind their brand and success.

Once we had well-defined objectives, we conducted in-depth user research to create user personas that would be representative of Mixed Freight’s target audience. Following a series of interviews with individuals and organisations, we created three user personas that summarised the key goals, traits and challenges of Mixed Freight target groups.


Mixed Freight’s brand reflects their bold and vibrant character, the passion for what they do and their solid expertise in their industry. For this reason, Mixed Freight was keen to retain their original logo and colours – bright yellow and strong black. The website was designed in line with their brand while combining a modern and fresh approach to logistics with an engaging user experience that takes visitors behind the scenes of Mixed Freight’s day-to-day operations.

Clear and informative pages on their services were complemented by captivating stories about their most challenging and rewarding work as well as dedicated sections about the role and value of their employees. The talented work of the professional Photographer John Ferguson captured the unique personalities of Mixed Freight’s team adding an authentic visual appeal to the website.


Digital360 produced a range of copy for the website, including descriptions of products and services, staff biographies, a case study, a careers’ page and more. Our focus on every page was to display the skills, approachability and dedication behind Mixed Freight’s staff and operations, and link it to a service or product they can offer clients.

We expanded upon this approach with a blog page and campaign. Digital360 collaborated to produce detailed, personable blogs that showcased Mixed Freight pioneering involvement in research, diversity, international trade and popular national events. Both copywriting and blogging proved to be powerful tools for brand-building, marketing and the user experience/interaction with the website.

“We wanted to reach out to newer generations whilst also catering to those who prefer things a bit more old-school. Each member of our nominated team at Mixed Freight Services has teamed up with members of Digital360 to harmonise our ideas. The expertise of Digital360 has been invaluable on this journey.
We’ve traded insights into the workings of a 24/7 transport and logistics company for the steps necessary to successfully bring that online.”

Steve O'Keeffe, Director, Mixed Freight Services


To ensure we retained and built Mixed Freight’s clientele, we created social media campaigns on Instagram and LinkedIn as well as a monthly newsletter. We scheduled posts that included: industry related news and updates, products, services, infographics and photographs of the team. A Mixed Freight team member produced regular video content with their ‘a-day-in-the-life-of’ vlog series under the guidance and encouragement of our social media manager.

The newsletter pooled together highlights of the last month that included news, updates, staff bios, job opportunities, products and services, in a bespoke newsletter format. These provided us with invaluable data for tracking growth, engagement and planning campaigns for the future.

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