What do you mean by retained service ?

Digital360 offer many of our services on a retained basis. This means that we are contracted with you to provide this service to your company over a contracted period of time for a fixed monthly fee. The services we currently offer are;

  • Web design & maintenance
  • Social Media Management
  • WordPress back-up

The time periods are;

  • 6 months
  • 12 months
  • 24 months
  • 36 months

What is visual identity ?

Any company needs to be recognised and standout in some way. A good visual identity is an essential component in your marketing mix. It is much more than a logo, but the logo is central as is the colours and the choice of text. Logo’s can be simply typographical of iconic or a combination of both. Much thought should be given to your visual identity before you launch your business.

Do you provide project management ?

Yes, all of our projects benefit from professional project management. We control the project from inception to completion, through an online project management system shared with all stakeholders, e.g. the client representatives, designer, film maker, developer, copy writer etc

So everyone who contributes to the success of the project gets a visual oversight of the project. This means he or she can clearly see which parts they are responsible for delivering and when that work is due.

Do you provide, hosting, domain names and email ?

Yes, this forms part of the infrastructure requirements when building a customer website.

  • We  provide various hosting options, from shared, dedicated to cloud hosting.
  • We can secure whichever domain name is most appropriate for your company over any period allowed.
  • We can configure your email from scratch depending on your requirements.

We are also happy to use the clients own hosting should they already have a hosting account, domain name and email operating as required.

Do you provide consultancy services ?

Yes, we are available to act as consultants on any digital projects or provide consultancy and recommendations on digital or social media strategy.

Are your services confined to the UK?

No, as we are writing this, we have projects running successfully in Canada and across Europe. So we don’t let international borders limit our work.

Are you hiring?

We are always on the look out for excellent digital professionals to join our network, they can be based anywhere globally but must have a portfolio of original work.

We are always open to digital/ social media interns, so if you are interested in learning the fundamentals of digital please email us at recruitment@digital360.mobi.