Jack Howells. Instagram Influencer

Jack Howells is only 18 years old, but he’s already accumulated the knowledge to launch 3 personal Instagram accounts with a combined audience of over 560,000 followers.

Now he’s sharing his expertise with companies, helping them to reach their potential online. He’s a valuable member of Digital360 and there’s so much to learn from and about him.


How did you get involved in social media?

“In Sixth Form I went for subjects that interested me – photography and IT – both very relevant to the social media world. I was always curious about Instagram and people’s followings. So alongside my studies, I thought, why not give it a go.” Jack set up his first Instagram account ‘thelivingarts’ which he grew to 130,000 followers in just seven months. Along the way, he picked up a lot of tips, tricks and knowledge on how to nurture and develop social media platforms. Soon, influencers and entrepreneurs from Instagram and YouTube reached out to him for promotions and collaborations which began to generate revenue. “I started this as a hobby,” comments Jack. “I didn’t imagine it could turn into this.”


Tell us about your role at Digital360?

“For the last 18 months I’ve been Digital360’s Social Media Manager, and amongst many things I’ve developed companies’ followings. Here’s an example: one of our main clients is a luxury brands recruitment agency that started with around 200 followers on Instagram. I developed a strategy to grow their following. I identified a set of relevant high ranking hashtags, and posted content regularly using those hashtags. With a mix of curated and original material, I grew their following organically to over 5,000 followers – and counting.”


What’s a typical day like with Digital360?

“First comes research for every client’s social media channels, where I source relevant news and articles and repost to their feeds.” This could include checking out the latest updates from companies like Tesla or Vogue, in order to keep clients and their customers up to date on what’s going on in their industry. “Later, I’ll upload any scheduled content, like blog posts or graphics. I also submit reports to clients on my activity, and – of course – the numbers! And I’m also always looking for ways to build my relationships with our clients and boost their social media presence ever higher.”


How do you work with a client to help them reach their goals?  

“At our first meeting we’ll discuss strategy, including what kind of content they want to issue, their target audience, and how we propose to deliver what they want, including timings and expectations on results.” Jack is constantly working to evolve Digital360’s clients’ online presence. He notes, “after one client hit 2,000 LinkedIn followers over a weekend, I contacted them on Monday morning to congratulate them – and encourage them to push on to the next milestone – 3,000!”


Why is a social media presence important for business today?

“It’s so important. It’s about trust. One of the ways you can gain trust is through a big following, it implies credibility, social approval and endorsement. People will buy from companies they see are doing well on social media.” The numbers play a big role, but the quality of engagement customers have with their clients is where the real value lies in social media’s influence. From big to small companies, social media is pivotal for any business, both in maintaining existing customer relationships and nurturing new contacts. As Jack says, “Social media helps create relationships with customers on a personal level. If you haven’t got a good relationship with your followers, are they going to develop the intention to buy what you’re selling?” But where companies know their own core business well, they often lack the knowledge and experience to make their social media platforms thrive in today’s digital age, and to develop engagement through these vital channels. That makes Jack’s knowledge and skills all the more important for us at Digital360 – and in turn, for our clients.


One last question, Jack – what do you think the future holds for social media?

“The industry is evolving year on year. Channels rise and fall in relevance. Different channels work for different types of business and different strategies for different target audiences. It’s a complicated and every-changing universe. At Digital360, we expect to work with more clients seeking to capitalise on the many and varied opportunities available through using social media in the right way for their businesses. That’s what makes my life so interesting!”

If you would like to book Jack as part of  the Digital360 social media mangement team please click here.


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