Digital Marketing Strategy Has Evolved

This is a brief synopsis of that evolution, but more importantly it shows how we can guide your company to activate an effective digital marketing strategy, that can be measured.

Why Inbound Marketing is Overtaking Outbound

The last few years have seen a shift away from outbound ‘push’ marketing campaigns, towards inbound, permission-driven interactions. But how and why has this happened? And how can your business capitalise on this change?

Outbound marketing is essentially any activity where your message is pushed to your prospective customers. This includes activities such as telephone cold calling, high-volume email marketing or postal mass marketing campaigns, as well as web-based tactics such as banner advertising. The theory behind these approaches is that if you ‘throw enough mud at the wall’ some of it must eventually stick.  Outbound marketing is a volume game, but when you realise that returns on outbound marketing campaigns can be as modest as just 1%-1.5% (and in many scenarios that’s actually regarded as a ‘positive outcome’) you can easily see, there must be a better way.

And there is.  Inbound marketing involves the kind of activities which pull prospective customers towards you. Not just anyone either; these will be buyers who are actively interested in products or services like yours, because they’re gearing up to make a purchase.

Through well-designed, integrated inbound marketing, your high-quality content, delivered through your website, blog, videos and creative social media presence, reaches buyers – at the precise time when they are actively engaged in a purchase process. And this entices them to interact with you.

Interruption vs Interaction 

Outbound marketing is a push activity.  It interrupts – not just prospective customers, but a much wider audience, forcing them to see what you’re offering, even if they’re not in the market for it – or in the mood for it. Outbound marketing is counterintuitive to the way today’s internet-savvy customers prefer to buy.

Inbound is a pull activity. Your value-rich content and online presence makes you discoverable (through search criteria, hashtags, keywords etc), prompting people who are actively lookingfor a product or service like yours, to come across what should be useful, informative and engaging information, and choose to interact. Inbound marketing aligns with, rather than gatecrashes the way today’s buyers make their purchase decisions.

Inbound permission-based marketing creates positive connections, builds awareness and interest, strengthens the buyer/supplier connection, encourages engagement and nurtures long-term customer relationships. That makes it a very attractive proposition.

Outbound – not such an Attractive Proposition

Today’s buyers are a secretive, less tolerant and more sophisticated lot these days. They are likely to research quietly and privately, only making themselves known once they can see you have a solution in which they can see themselves investing. They’re tired of being pestered, swamped by irrelevant offers and information about things that are of no interest to them. And today, they can block you and screen you out more effectively than ever before.

Not only that, but with the arrival of GDPR, the upgraded data protection rules, the restrictions on who you are allowed to communicate with have tightened considerably, making outbound marketing not only unattractive, but costly in many ways, and all but redundant for many companies.

We’ve expanded on this topic in more detail in two blog posts, which you can read [here]

The Digital360 Difference can help you navigate the new inbound landscape and develop your business based around the most effective integrated inbound marketing strategies.

We’re also a little different from most HubSpot agencies. As well as execution of your marketing strategy and production of content, we will design, build and support your digital infrastructure, whatever is required, from websites, blogs and social channels to mobile apps and more. We’ll apply our many years of experience in technology-based marketing solutions to develop the media and channels you need, as well as delivering integrated inbound marketing via the acclaimed HubSpot platform and tools – all of which is designed to drive engaged buyers to your door.

To explore how Inbound Marketing could revolutionise the way your business interacts with buyers and customers, contact us today.