How algorithms on Facebook and Instagram affect business engagement

Business who have thrived on social platforms have lately been hit with the task of figuring out how the new online marketing algorithms work. If a business has been carefully planning out its posts and yet keeps experiencing a lack of engagement it is due to the way online marketing algorithms have been defined. An algorithm basically consists of a set of rules that needs to be adhered to in order to solve a problem, having a finite number of steps to find the highest common divisor. We need to understand this from the perspective of social media and digital marketing. Social media news feeds follow certain algorithms in order to display relevant content to individual viewers. 

Facebook recently changed its algorithms to ensure that only posts which have a higher level of engagement through comments, clicks, likes and shared will be able to reach a greater number of people. This type of algorithm ensures that businesses who post promoted ads get priority over other businesses or people. It is a pay to play concept. 

Instagram is one of the major social media platforms not just for millennials and gen-z but for businesses as well. In 2019, Instagram didn’t actually make any changes to their algorithms although they released a whole new bunch of updates over time. 

Back in 2018, Instagram set down a new basis for how posts appeared in the news feed. They said they were ensuring newer posts would more likely be featured in news feeds. This meant that they would no longer focus on an algorithm that delivered posts to news feed solely based on relevance. Recent posts were to receive a place at the top of user feeds. 

Most of the changes made to Instagram’s algorithm was based on user feedback. In 2016, Instagram switched its chronological feed system to the algorithm-based feed and this was received positively by most people. Influencers began to join groups which promoted engagement in order to outsmart the new algorithm. Since then, Instagram has made a lot of changes that are visible to users in the feed. Even businesses are rejoicing at the new system’s algorithm.

How a brand stands out on Instagram in light of the new algorithmic system

The only way to stay in the spotlight on Instagram is to keep posting engaging content on a regular basis. Stories and posts that can reach their potential customers should be carefully scheduled in order to maintain an active page that receives engagement. 

There are certain steps businesses need to follow in order to have their level of engagement aligned with the algorithmic system.

Businesses should switch to a business account. They will receive feedback and data that will allow them to boost engagement. Businesses can use Instagram Insights in order to track their reach, impressions and views for their stories, posts and promotions. 

Businesses need to work with influencers in order to ensure their account is more likely to viewed by users through promotions via multiple accounts. 

Instagram live video and Instagram stories can also be utilized by businesses. Note that Instagram stories appear at the very top of a follower’s feed and can be viewed for a period of 24 hours in that same location. Live videos also appear on the Instagram Stories. 

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