How The Digital360 can work for your business.

We have just introduced a new service called The Digital360. It is new in the respect that we are now formally bringing it to market. But we have been operating it very successfully for the last 5 years. Operating in sectors as diverse as global logistics to global luxury fashion recruitment.

The beauty of digital is that it cuts across all verticals and whatever your business, you can benefit from an uplift in your digital presence.

The Digital360 – Professional Service

As a broad guide, If your company falls into one of these two categories, then you are a likely to be a good fit for The Digital360 service.

Category one.

You are a director or senior manager of an established company that has been trading for 10 years or more. Your performance as a company is solid, but like most companies, subject to ups and downs according to the market, but never spectacular.

You aware of the general perception that your company should be doing more with its website, it should be working harder to contribute to the bottom line. But you or anyone within your company is quite sure how this can be achieved. 

As far as social media is concerned you dabbled but have now essentially given up. As you cannot see the point of randomly sharing pictures and amusing company stories.

You are tired of hearing about digital channels and believe that much of it is just hype without any real substance or science behind it. You admit that you don’t get it.

You have fallen into a digital rut.

Category two.

You are a new director or team member of a new or start-up company. You understand the core business 100%. This is your field, your area of expertise. You are super confident in your ability to grow the business based on your product or service. This is because either you have many years of experience in the sector or you have studied it and have found a new angle you wish to exploit and have the financial backing to enable you to make a splash in your sector.

What you don’t know so much, is digital. 

It is a bit of a mysterious black box, you are told you need it and you can see for yourself, companies that are flying because they magically understand how to use their digital assets to the best effect. 

This is a complete mystery to you, but you would like to take advantage but are at a loss at where to start.

If you recognise either descriptions and feel that your company fits snugly into category one or two or even somewhere in between, then maybe you should speak to us. 

The analogy we like to use is this one;

“If you don’t have a digital business you don’t have a business. Mobile and social are the new front doors to every brand in both business to business and business to consumer models.”

We simply make sure that your front door is always open and welcoming for new business. Even when your closed!!.

It costs nothing for a consultation at our office in Oxford Circus, we will even provide the coffees and cookies. You have nothing to lose except your fear of digital. Read more about The digital360 here and we hope to see you soon.


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