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How We Do It

Today more than ever, we know that every business must be at least in part be a digital business. What this means is that even if your core business is far removed from digital technology, the way your customers will see you is increasingly and almost exclusively through the lens of digital technology.

As a businessperson with an eye on the future, you have to consider your companies approach to its digital platforms and communication channels.

In reality you have four choices:

Option 1

Most companies will use a digital agency to create their website and all is good for the first few weeks. But whose role is it to keep it updated with your new products and services and company news? You need a maintenance and updating strategy, but the build was so expensive you don’t really want to go back to the same agency.  So, you use a different agency and also ask them to manage your social media. You may also have a third agency who you ask to help with digital consultancy and strategy. This is before you even start to talk about branding, SEO, digital marketing, blogging etc. It can quickly become unmanageable. And what you can’t measure you can’t manage.

Option 2

You decide to bring everything in house. This makes management a lot easier, but your constrained by the limitations in the expertise and time of your staff, if their days jobs are different, this will be the case. If they are not experienced or even trained then this can quickly lead to frustration all round and unprofessional output, which will eventually damage your brand.

Option 3

OK so you hire a team of qualified, experienced professionals to work in house for your company. This is great idea until you start to consider the salaries that they will demand, the cost of hiring them in the first place, the office space and utilities that they will need. That’s even before you start thinking about annual leave, National Insurance and sick days etc. So let’s think again.

Option 4

The Digital360 virtual team

In this option you get all of the positives of option 3, but without the negatives around cost. In fact, we can provide you with a complete team of experienced professionals for less than the cost of hiring one single in-house professional. This is the value that we bring. Not only that, but you will also benefit from our ongoing consultation to understand the goals and ambitions of your company. Each partnership is based on a 12-month digital strategy that meets your objectives, and if those objectives change within that time, no problem, we have to be able to adapt as quickly as circumstances change. And we do not build something and then walk off into the sunset, waving a fat cheque (who still uses cheques these days?).  We stick around to make sure what we built actually works and if it doesn’t, we tweak it until it does. We are always on hand; our team becomes part of your team.

We are working on case studies to show how effective this approach has been over the last 5 years.

For now, click here to get the conversation started.