Meet Omima: Marketing & Social Media Manager at Digital360

Omima is one of the newest Digital360 team members. She joins us as our creative, resourceful and visionary Marketing & Social Media Manager. Omima moved from Libya to the UK at the age of 15, settling in West London. She originally studied for a degree in Journalism at University Arts London, but longed to work in an industry that could combine her love of business, creativity, strategy and relationship building. So, in 2020 she graduated with a Masters in Marketing from the University of Westminster.

Omima takes a hands-on approach to marketing and social media management. She creates relationships that are built to last, and oversees long-term projects, guiding them on pathways to success. She understands the intricacies of social media platforms and how you can effectively leverage them to build an audience and draw traffic to your website. Not only that, she’s just getting started. Omima is bursting with ideas and we can’t wait to see them come to fruition.

First of all, why is social media crucial for businesses today and what is your role as a social media manager?

“Social media has had the power to change companies and organisations overnight. I’m at an age where I’ve witnessed firsthand its revolution from the early 2010’s to now. When people wake up in the morning they go on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook – social media has integrated into our lives.

As an influencer or someone working in marketing, you have access to potentially millions of people, but you can still create that personal relationship with your following. That’s why social media is crucial for today.” Everyone might have the same tools when it comes to social media marketing, but knowing how to use those tools effectively requires the knowledge and aptitude of someone like Omima.

“As a social media manager, it’s my job to ensure we don’t just look at social media but consider the wider marketing fundamentals. This means looking at our clients’ target audiences, strategies, platforms, the psychology behind why people engage online. Then we want to think about why we want to achieve certain results, what impact is that going to have on our customers?

It’s my responsibility to notice and analyse trends, and that’s not something everyone can do. Not everyone can correlate raw data from social media to real life. For example, why are 18 year olds signing up for a particular product? If you’re launching a woman’s fashion brand, what type of images do you need to reach your target audience?” This is the kind of granular detail Omima investigates for her clients.

How do marketing and social media go hand in hand?

“Initially marketing focused on advertising and PR. Now with social media, it’s become a bigger umbrella term. With social media, you can do advertising, direct-messaging, PR, utilise CRM software and so much more.

That’s why many businesses have moved from creating physical marketing materials (like billboards) to solely focusing online. More than that, there’s a different platform for different people. If you’re more of a visual person, you have Instagram. If you’re looking for a professional or academic career path, you have LinkedIn. For younger crowds you have TikTok.

One of my responsibilities is thinking about how we can adapt and use different platforms for different clients and to meet different purposes. Every strategy has to be bespoke and specific.”

How do you build relationships with clients and guide them through their digital transformation?

“As a digital marketer sometimes it can be difficult when clients don’t fully understand the processes that go into marketing. So sometimes you have to meet people in the middle. The reputation of your brand is wedded to your online presence, and this can be dangerous when it isn’t approached properly. Your online materials can stay online forever, after all.

I worked with someone who had thousands of followers on their business’s Instagram, but they were paid-for followers. Paid-for followers can lower the credibility of a business, so when you come to do targeted ad-work it can be labelled as spam. So we had to start afresh, even though they’d had the account for over a year. Sometimes you just have to be adamant and honest with your clients.”

Omima realises that if businesses want to reach their full potential, they need to achieve it through an organic growth-strategy.

What will a typical day be like with Digital360?

“There’s no specific or set type of day with social media management; it can vary. Right now I’m working closely with one of our clients MH Mena, an up-and-coming haute couture fashion house. I’ve been working with her to secure a venue for her first global catwalk and organising a photoshoot to showcase a collection of her designs.”

Omima has been pivotal to the development of MH Mena’s digital strategy as well as helping to source and create marketing materials. These will no doubt be instrumental to MH Mena’s success at Middle East Fashion week.

“I could also be doing market research for a client; discovering what’s missing in their industry and how we could fill that potential gap. I could be doing competitor analyses, looking into comments and feedback from competitors’ audiences to understand how we could meet their needs.

I’m also responsible for the creation and management of our newsletters on Mail Chimp and infographics on Canva. My duties vary from client to client.”

You’re new to Digital360 – what goals and ambitions do you have for the future with us? What excites you?

“I would love to be in a position where I could pitch Digital360 to prospective clients. I’m very confident giving presentations and pitching is a whole different field of expertise. I’m also very excited about the new Digital360 mobile app. Covid-19 has transformed marketing, companies have realised they can go remote and they’ve become immersed in social media. So now is the perfect time to launch the app. It’s like a one-stop shop, it has everything clients need to exceed their digital needs.”

You can learn more about the newly released Digital360 mobile app over here.

Finally, what do you enjoy about social media, marketing and management?

“I love that it’s a people role. Although it’s in management, you still get to learn from one another. Your colleagues and clients can teach you something new and you can teach them too.

In terms of the social media aspect, it brings you closer and connects you to people all around the world. You have so much information in the palm of your hands. In terms of marketing, it’s so broad. It’s like art, science, psychology and business all tied up together.”

If you want to meet Omima and the team, learn more about our services and mobile app, or just want to learn about digital in plain and simple terms, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our free consultation is your first step to unlocking your business’s digital potential.

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