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Sophie Adams the new head of strategy has 10 years of experience in digital communications and consultancy, and, like many women today, juggles a career and family life. During her break to start a family, Sophie devoted some of her time to professional growth in acquiring a postgraduate diploma in Strategy & Innovation from Saïd Business School at Oxford University.


From the start of her career, Sophie has witnessed the expansion and impact of digital across industries and played her part in this evolution. She has worked with global agencies, large corporates, boutique PR firms and even helped to shape start-ups. Sophie expresses how the digital universe has fully transformed from organisations conducting digital experimentation to becoming the primary tool to communicate with customers, suppliers, and consumers. In addition to being the driver of revenues and spend.

When speaking with Sophie, passion and excitement radiate, it is clear that her skills and knowledge will elevate our clients’ businesses.


First of all, what are your reasons for joining Digital360?

“I think Digital360 is a perfect fit for me. The concept of a flexible, hardworking creative digital agency that delivers premium quality at an affordable cost is one that has been overlooked, and we’re in a perfect position to let this business fly.

If you can identify why a business is operating well or badly by examining its everyday activities, and if you determine the business’s core, then this will lead to better decision making and creating more value for your customers and clients. I love to see ingenious businesses succeed to help people and society flourish.”

This is a driving ethos for Digital360 and how we work with our clients – We are certain Sophie will fit right in.

“Digital360 is a brilliant company and one I am proud to be a part of. The team are extremely talented without ego.”


What are your ambitions for Digital360?

“I see Digital360 as the agency of the future. In an increasingly digital world, consumers, customers and clients alike want a seamless, hassle-free and personalised experience. Digital360 offers the flexibility, efficiencies, and outsourced skill sets whereby we can create opportunities for our clients from an increasingly fragmented and media landscape.”

Sophie looks at how we can effectively deploy channels, use a mobile-first strategy, create a strategy, leverage content and make those micro moments with customers count creating value for clients. This will take Digital360 and what we can offer our clients to the next level. “

Digital ignites through customer experience and personalisation; and digital becomes more powerful with data and acting upon data insights. Creating value for our clients and their customers through offering convenience, personalisation is the holy grail of successful service. Digital360 is perfectly set-up to deliver on this promise.”


What are your ambitions for the Digital360 mobile app?

“Our new app delivers value and convenience for our clients. You can manage the entire digital side of your business from your mobile phone, taking the hassle away from defining and executing digital activities and leaving you time to focus on the day-to-day operations.” The Digital360 mobile app is a premium digital agency in your pocket. Not only are you getting premium services, but you also receive direct access to a team of experts who are growing your business every day.”

As our head of strategy Sophie is playing a vital role in the launch. “I think this way of managing a creative digital agency is a game changer for many business owners and their teams. It’s flexible because you can bring us in on individual campaigns with our taster bundle, or you can look for a long-term solution with us, depending on your needs.”


Finally, what do you believe makes Digital360 unique?

“What makes our model so interesting and competitive is that we are operating in a space in between the larger more traditional agency and the freelancer platform model (think Fiverr). So, we bring nimbleness, premium quality, and flexibility to our offering. Other agencies will find this hard to match.”

We cannot wait to see what Sophie brings to the team. She explains, “it is an exciting time for anybody to set up a business, especially post Covid. My hope is that we can help start-ups and small businesses realise their vision through the digital services we offer.”


If you want to learn more about Sophie, our services or the Digital360 mobile app, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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