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Originally from Milan Italy, Valentina moved to London five years ago to begin her career, university studies and a new life journey. After graduating with a degree in Film, Media Studies & German from the University of Birkbeck, Valentina had a wealth of knowledge about engaging with the public, customers and clients through digital and visual content; including graphic design, video content, blog writing, social media and more.


As our Digital Marketing Executive, she applies this wealth of consumer and practical knowledge to digital marketing campaigns, where she guides and collaborates with our clients to create bespoke, targeted, creative campaigns. She uses data and analytics from her monthly newsletters to continuously adapt and evolve customers’ engagement with Digital360’s clients and brands. Her skills, ability, vision and knowledge, (as well as her commitment to guiding our clients through the marketing process) is helping to lead Digital360 towards our strategic and creative future.


Firstly, why is digital marketing so important for a business’s success today?

“Every business is digital today and you don’t want to be left behind. Digital marketing is very all encompassing, and after what happened this year with Covid-19 we all lived on the internet. E-commerce saved a lot of companies and our clients understood the importance of digital.” It is Valentina’s duty and responsibility to ensure you thrive in the digital marketing sphere. From your initial marketing strategy meeting through to your regular weekly check-ups, Valentina translates the personality, branding and product information from your business into engaging marketing content. “What we want to do is show how you offer something different from your competitors, we want to highlight your personality and why you should be trusted.”


What will a typical day at Digital360 look like?

“At the beginning of the day I will always check our clients’ social media channels to make sure posts are scheduled for LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.” Valentina works very closely with our Social Media Manager and Researcher Jack to find relevant news and content from your industry that gets posted onto your socials. She oversees the output and circulation of this content which means you’re continuously engaging with both your followers and the most cutting-edge information in your industry. She gathers relevant news, events, photos and blogs from your business and publicises them on socials, so that you can focus on your day-to-day business duties.

More than that, she applies her creative software abilities by creating graphics and animations for your business. “I’ll come up with ideas for Instagram feeds and layouts, making sure there’s a creative look for the clients. I’ll create different types of graphics that could include quotes, sponsors for blog-posts or events; it’s useful for sharing information and building the brand’s aesthetic.”

Valentina’s role extends beyond social media as she focuses on harnessing customer engagement too. One of her biggest daily tasks is creating, sharing and analysing the monthly newsletters that she introduced to Digital360. “It’s a long process to build your MailChimp audience: I will collect contacts and subscribers from social media and from the client, then I’ll distribute a sign-up form; it’s a lot of going back-and-forth between me and the client to make sure the latest and most relevant information is on there. I’ll make different layouts until the client has found one they’re happy with and run tests to assure it’s working. I’ll do a full report with the data collected from the newsletter which includes how many opens, clicks, new subscribers etc there are.”

The newsletter plays a very important part in our digital marketing package as it is tailor-made for your business and provides a great tool for strategising how we’ll build and maintain your customer base. “I’ll compare the analytics with the previous month’s and share the data with our client, from there we can discuss our next steps: what is and isn’t working, what we’d like to change, new people we can target etc.”

In the space of a day Valentina utilises her creative and organisational skills so that you can rest assured your business is reaching as many people as possible; from content creation to market research and finding new audiences, analysing customer data and spotlighting what you and your company do best.


Can you talk about the responsibilities you have during the digital transformation process?

 “I like to learn about the client’s knowledge and understanding of digital marketing, some people don’t know a lot and want to be taught everything from the beginning, so I like to find out what the client needs and needs to know. What I can offer is a lot of patience and guidance, with a step by step plan of what we’re going to do.” As an expert in digital marketing, it’s Valentina’s job to walk you through all the decisions made, as well as why and how they yield results. “I’ll explain what a good newsletter looks like, how Instagram works and why it’s important to post regularly; even if it seems excessive, it’s very important.”

Tapping into the potential of digital marketing requires consistent work and a good knowledge of trends. When customers are constantly scrolling Instagram or LinkedIn, you need a clean, responsive, eye-catching presence that quickly and effectively communicates you and your brand. Valentina works with you and coordinates this content so you’re consistently engaging with audiences new and existing.

“Everything can change because people and times change, so strategies and ideas need to update constantly too.” Valentina with the rest of the Digital360 team is always looking to find and deploy new strategies, whether that’s connecting with new networks, creating websites with the most efficient and current interfaces or finding targeted hashtags to reach new and undiscovered customers.

Valentina’s custom made graphics, newsletters, strategies and plans culminate into a digital marketing campaign that uniquely and authentically represents you and your company at its best. 

Finally, what do you enjoy the most about digital marketing?

“I like coming up with a plan, following the plan and seeing it work; I’m so happy to see the client’s followers growing, over time they start to see all the positive outcomes. They start to enjoy and understand what’s going on – I just really enjoy helping clients reach their potential.” Valentina particularly takes joy in putting staff behind the company into the forefront of marketing campaigns; creating and sharing staff profiles and photos from the shoots Digital360 organise is a great way to do that. “It’s important to show the people behind the brand and that’s something you can do perfectly with social media and digital marketing.”


For Valentina and the entire Digital360 team, nurturing and growing a company’s online presence so they can unlock their digital potential is at the heart of what we do. Valentina’s dedication, craft, knowledge and commitment to efficient communication is a driving force for our success and our clients’ success. If you want your own integrated digital team installed overnight with the expertise of Valentina and many more, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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