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Before joining us at Digital360 as our UI and UX designer, Veronica Mesuraca had been on a career journey that took her around the world. Veronica is from Italy, but has lived and worked in Ireland, Spain, the UK, and Dubai. After five years of running a personal branding and careers consultancy, Veronica realised she had a passion and skill for the design work and creativity that went on behind the scenes.


After years of travel and business management, Veronica decided to change career paths and become a student once again, studying UI and UX design at Careerfoundry; a school based in Berlin. Now she lives in Stockholm and works as our in-house UI and UX designer. Veronica plays a pivotal role for us at Digital360, and her line of work has become an increasingly crucial element for companies and clients to meet the digital demands of our contemporary industry. There’s a lot to learn from her – from technical knowledge to customer satisfaction, Veronica’s work and guidance leads our clients and their customers to top quality website and app designs.


First of all, what is UI and UX design?

“Most people will ask me what is that, what does that mean? It’s an abbreviation – UI stands for User-Interface, UX stands for User-Experience.” UX particularly focuses on the psychology of users’ experience. It focuses on how people navigate websites and apps, and how those platforms need to be functional, inclusive and accessible for users whilst meeting the business’s goal. UI is more concerned with the visual parts of the design: from colours to typography, the layout of the design to the shapes of buttons. That’s it in a nutshell. “Some companies divide their UI and UX designers into separate teams; in my role at Digital360 I represent both sides. When I’m working on a project I have to keep both sides in mind to make sure they’re connected and the outcome is what we want, from both a business perspective and for our users.”

What will a typical day at Digital360 look like?

“It depends on what projects we’re working on. At the moment we’re working on multiple projects so I try to divide my day around meeting deadlines whilst working on other projects to make sure they’re not neglected.” Veronica uses a variety of her skills throughout the day, whether that’s dedicated hours of working with software on new designs, presenting prototypes or meeting new clients.

“As a business we’re always in touch with our clients, which means I’m also organising my time around sending emails, organising interviews and meetings with colleagues and clients. If for example I’m doing UX work I’ll take a couple of hours to collate information from customer research and create personas. These personas allow us to hone in on our target audiences and identify their needs throughout the digital transformation process.”

What do you bring to Digital360 as UI and UX designer?

“I bring a combination of things. It’s not just the design per-say, it’s all the work I’ve done in the past ten to fifteen years; from working in corporate, to having my own business and then becoming a designer.” One of the many assets Veronica brings to us at Digital360 is understanding the meeting-point between the digital, business and consumer markets. More and more of the business world has been aggregated online, and a company’s digital presence has the capability to find and lose new customers within a matter of seconds. “As the tech world has become more sophisticated and complex there’s been a need for design work to become more specialised; a general web designer isn’t enough for a company anymore.

We’re much more informed and used to the digital world and how to use digital tools, but it means competition is high and so are standards. For example, if I’m looking at your app or website and I don’t know how to get from A to B, the interface doesn’t look good, I don’t know where to click etc, I’m not going to spend time figuring it out. You have about ten seconds to fulfil a customer’s needs. This is why UI and UX designers have become so important.”

UI and UX design can cover a broad spectrum, from UX research to interactive UI, but the skills required for both are bespoke and technical. Since joining, Veronica has brought all that knowledge and perspective to us at Digital360 and continues to work to make sure we’re up to date with the industry’s demands. “The world we live in is moving really fast and trends are always changing, so you have to keep up with them otherwise you will look out of date. Now we’re used to seeing buttons in a certain way, they look a certain shape, and if your website has a button from ten years ago it can quickly show just how outdated your platform is. You can’t settle.” That’s the level of specificity UI and UX demands.


What is your responsibility as UI and UX designer throughout the digital transformation process?

“I bring an understanding of how the process works so our clients can be fully aware and embrace the project ahead. We might be working together for months so it’s important they understand what is involved and the kind of work I’ll be doing; from interviewing their customers to creating a journey for the website, sketching the web design and creating wireframes as well as establishing clear goals and deadlines; so I’ll also manage their expectations.” You might not see colours, beautiful pictures and web pages to begin with but the foundation work that goes into a digital transformation is key to its success.

When the process has begun, Veronica and the rest of the team depend on a collaborative effort for the transformation to be a success. “We’ll present the design to them, our ideas, how we can layout their information on the website or app, but we’ll also need their input. This input could be reviewing the copy, or images and giving us all the information we need about their business model. This collaboration is very important to nurture throughout the process. It creates a good level of trust where myself and the team can do our work and present it to them for feedback and adjustments.”

Throughout the digital transformation, Veronica is instrumental in bringing together material from the entire team to create the finished product, such as adding copy to the website and links to social media pages. The strategic, psychological and business perspectives that go into a smooth and impressive UI and UX design are at the forefront of Veronica’s work.

Finally, why do you enjoy UI and UX design?

“It’s a nice combination of creativity with business and tech. Certainly there’s an artistic side to it, you might have a flare for colour combinations or an eye for visual things, but design still has rules and a thought process behind it. I enjoy putting something together that’s pleasing for the eye but also fits a business purpose. I’m really in the zone when I’m in front of my design software and I’m making my pixel perfect squares and buttons; there’s also some maths involved. I guess you could say I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I love this work!”

The Digital360 team are always excited to see the products and designs Veronica has been working on. The skills and knowledge she’s gained from a career that’s taken her across Europe and Dubai, her eye for perfectionism and her commitment to learning (from new tech updates to her intensive year of studying at Careerfoundry) continues to culminate in high-calibre designs that leave our clients satisfied.

If you’re looking for a digital transformation or want to find out more about our team, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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