Reimagine Your Business for the Digital Age.

October 6th 2020 will mark the ten year anniversary of Instagram. What started off as a seemingly simple social media app where you could post pictures and selfies has now turned into one of the most influential platforms on the internet, with a billion active users every month.

In wake of Covid-19, businesses and institutions have had to adapt fast, putting meetings and events on the platform (I’m sure we’re all familiar with by now) Zoom. Even banking has transformed in the last ten years as more of it has been aggregated to the virtual realm with the development of cryptocurrency and open banking; putting more financial power into the palms of the public’s hands.

There’s no escaping the fact that the digital world and the business world work in tandem and grow with one another. For businesses that have been in the game for a long time, this can be an exciting opportunity for innovation and to reach a new audience, but it can equally be a daunting prospect.

Say you have a business that you’ve been running for a number of years, but you’re not very social media savvy, or you know your website is outdated; from its graphics and copy to its functionality. There’s an onus to look as professional, innovative, inviting and attention-grabbing as possible in this highly competitive market. But transferring your skills, business credentials and history online is a technically demanding project that requires a team of people to get right. This can be overwhelming, and you can quickly realise that catching up to the trends is a lot harder than it looks. It then becomes easy to stagnate in the digital world, for your website to look dormant, and your LinkedIn profile sparse. It’s made all the more difficult getting this much-needed digital transformation complete, whilst you’re juggling the other day-to-day tasks and projects you’ve got going on.

But don’t give up on your ambitions for a digital transformation just yet. At digital360, we work behind-the-scenes to represent your brand professionally and get you up to speed with today’s digital business demands. Imagine getting an in-house team installed into your operations overnight, equipped with the skills and expertise to take all of the brilliant work you do, and adapt it for the new technical and marketing digital demands. With digital360’s cutting edge knowledge, we can home in on your existing customer and client and base, as well as looking to the future to pull in even more new clients and customers.

If you were thinking of doing the transformation on your own or with your team, you can quickly realise how hard it is to delegate tasks to team-members who might also be inexperienced in the digital field; especially if they’ve already got a lot of work on their plate. You can take the pressure off you and your team-mates with digital360’s help, as we’ll organise the timeline, duties and oversee the project to its completion.

So how does it work? We’ll start by laying down a solid foundation for the project. This means getting to know your team, learning about all the work your business does from the daily micro to macro operations, as well as the digital goals you have for the future. At digital360, our team will work alongside yours every step of the way, keeping in contact regularly through communication channels like Slack and email, as well as through monthly Zoom meetings. In our first meeting, the digital360 team members will discuss their role and their plans for the project, and you’ll be presented with a plan for how the digital transformation will come to fruition. We make use of a shared Gantt chart to set-out tasks that need completing and when they need to be done by; you can also leave comments and ask questions next to tasks for more clarity. This keeps everything on track and allows us to keep adding new objectives to the project. Mastering the digital business world is an art as much as it is a science. The UI, UX and functionality of the website has to cater for desktop as well as mobile devices, the layout has to meet certain requirements to house your information, you might want to add automated customer services tools on the homepage etc. However, you still need to make an emotional resonance with your audience. That’s when you’ll need to master the art of attention-grabbing social media posts, graphics and imagery, hashtags, stories and blogs, language that’s inclusive as much as it’s instructive. Pooling all of these facets together takes a deal of knowledge, precision and coordination. Digital360 have mastered these systems and are ready to launch and transform your business for the digital age.

But what does a digital transformation look like? What are some of the practical pay-offs you can expect to see? Let’s take a look at one of our partners, CCL – they found themselves in a common situation for a lot of developed businesses. Despite having a reputation as a highly functioning and effective Logistics business, the changing customer needs and limited in-house technical resources held them back from carrying out operations online. They needed a new system for collecting im-port duties and customer clearance fees for international e-commerce payments. Over the last 4 years, digital360 have played a strategic role within CCL and their digital investment. We developed a digital payment system centred around a mobile app and online payment portal. This has grown and been replicated across Europe and translated into 7 languages. CCL have undergone a successful rebranding, global awareness for their brand has increased, they’re aligned with new technology and have approximately 1000 app downloads per week. Their digital transformation has helped to situate them as one of the ‘go to’ logistics companies.

Right now, we’re working with one of the leading companies for freight forwards in the UK to digitally transform their online presence, from their social media engagement to a new website design. This has led to us fostering relationships between our teams and working on a number of tasks together. This has included: conducting customer interviews to find out key marketing information; devising social media strategies to gain traction for their posts; highlighting their role as one of the leading companies in the innovation of research, procedures and recruitment diversity through a dedicated blogging forum, and much more. Despite their decades of expertise and knowledge, they needed the direction to replicate their great work for a modern digital age, and we can’t wait to see the results.

When it comes to reimagining your business for the digital age, you want to feel inspired by all the possibilities that are literally at your fingertips. Contact digital360 today to book a free consultation and take the first steps for unlocking your digital potential. We’ll be with you every step of the way.


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