A social media marketing strategy is a must have for businesses in the digital age.

For consumers, especially millennials, social media is now second only to television as a way to learn about new products and services. A strong and credible social media presence is key to building brand loyalty and converting visits into new customers. At Digital360, we help you capitalize on the surging popularity of social media platforms by creating and overseeing engagement, branding and marketing campaigns.

Why invest in social media marketing with Digital360

Researching, scheduling and posting content on ever-changing social media platforms is a on-going task that requires considerable time and effort. Our Social Media & Marketing team is always up to date on current social media marketing trends and knows exactly how each platform performs to build brand awareness and grow your following. We will ensure that your social media marketing strategy and blog are always on-brand and relevant for your industry and audience.

We have three monthly social media marketing packages depending on your requirement. Our default is across four social platforms. Sign up today and we’ll give you the first month for free.

The process is simple. The first 5 days are spent on-boarding where we get to know all about your company and creating a bespoke strategy for your social media campaigns. When we are ready to start, we ensure that we have created enough original content to provide consistent promotion across your social media platforms in accordance with the strategy we established during the on-boarding session.


Build Your
Brand Awareness

  • 1. Instagram post
  • 2. Facebook business page post
  • 3. Twitter page post
  • 4. LinkedIn business page post

£380 per month

Grow Your Brand
& Following

  • 1. Instagram post & management
  • 2. Facebook business page
    post & management
  • 3. Twitter post & management
  • 4. LinkedIn business page post
    & management
  • 5. Blog posts per month
    (500 words each)

£490 per month

Maintain A Strong
Credible Presence

  • 1. Instagram post, advertise
    & management
  • 2. Facebook business page
    post, advertise & management
  • 3. Twitter post, advertise
    & management
  • 4. LinkedIn business page post,
    advertise & management
  • 5. Blog post per month
    (500 words each)
  • 6. CRM software
  • 7. Implementation & staff training

£650 per month

If you are looking to partner with a leading digital agency to establish and maintain your brand presence on social media, get in contact with us today.

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