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This year I finally decided to set up my website. I met with three web designers, but Digital360 stood out from the rest.Digital360 took the time to understand my business model and the client base that I am targeting. I work in inclusivity, so the design and accessibility of my website are critical. My new website is beautifully designed, and the functionality is excellent across all platforms.

The key factors that I noted whilst working with Digital360 were their professionalism: I felt fully informed at all stages and their creativity: the website’s design is innovative and reflects True Measure’s brand. Through this process, the project management has been thorough as they worked around my busy schedule.

I would highly recommend Digital360 for the design, build, and maintenance of your website.
I’m happy with a new relationship I have with Digital360, and long may continue as my website is only going to go from strength to strength as it builds, develops and grows alongside my business.

Leonore Lord-Patterson, Founder, True Measure

Digital360 were with us from the very start, some five years ago. They were largely responsible for helping us take an idea into a solid online business. They were instrumental in creating our brand, domain name and both iterations of the website. Every month, we have people praising us for the great design of our website, almost a year after its launch! And over time we have seen consistent enquiries from the ongoing PPC campaign.

They have a highly responsive team of professionals, from branding to web design and development through copywriting and performance marketing. We connect with them virtually on a regular basis and they are always on hand to take part in team meetings. Digital360 have been essential to the growth of CGX Training and we cannot recommend them enough.

Dr Lia Hunter, Director, CGX Training

Although it might not be a new idea in the industry, we’ve taken a new pragmatic direction in achieving our goal by partnering up with another company, rather than using an in-house marketing team. To help bring our vision to life, we brought Digital360 into our world.

Each member of our nominated team at Mixed Freight Services has teamed up with members of Digital360 to harmonise our ideas. We’ve got Veronica and Dwayne directing the project; Jack and Jasmeet have been the masterminds behind our Instagram page; Edward, Digital360’s copywriter, has been polishing up the words on our pages and has been working with Kamilah to create compelling stories for our blog.

The staff have been engaged on all levels and working hard on this project, striving to ensure the tightest deadlines are met and the entire process is kept running smoothly.
We’ve created some good working relationships through this, which we believe to be a great reflection of life in our workplace, involving everybody from the warehouse guys to the drivers and those in the office. Last year, we were joined by some of the team at Digital360 for a professional photoshoot day on our site; the talented John Ferguson captured the essence of working at Mixed Freight Services.

Taking the strongest skills from each person, we’ve had a myriad of different views that have formed our website to be the best it can possibly be – we wanted to reach out to newer generations whilst also catering to those who prefer things a bit more old-school. The expertise of Digital360 has been invaluable on this journey. We’ve traded insights into the workings of a 24/7 transport and logistics company for the steps necessary to successfully bring that online.

Read the full MFS blog post here.

Steve O’Keeffe, Director, Mixed Freight Services

Digital360 created a complete new subsidiary business for our company including a unique online payment tool and mobile app for iOS and Android. We are currently licensing the service internationally and Digital360 are managing the whole process. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Rudee Bertie, Director, CCL

How to transform an idea, a plan, an unfinished brand image into a complete, sophisticated look both digitally and professionally?
Digital360.Mobi brought all the ingredients together and built an exceptional working website, Lookbook, brand identity with clear objectives for my brand.
Dgital360.Mobi provided my brand with critical insight on to how to digitally display the look of MH Mena and helping to market ourselves elegantly without diluting the exclusive look and feel that we offer.
From the inception of the website project, to the very end Digital360.Mobi have guided us through each step and process has provided us with a site that incorporates all of the features we requested, and more. Our website is the end product of an ongoing process that has involved consultation and co-operation at every stage. Digital360.Mobi are a pleasure to work with – always available and willing to offer advice, to put forward constructive suggestions and to make changes as and when necessary. The choice of Digital360.Mobi to design, develop and manage our website has been one of the most fortuitous and best decisions that MH Mena has made.
Thank you!

Mena Hamoodi, Creative Director, MH MENA

Digital360 are as good as their word. With my input and to my individual style, they created a complete new digital business based on my area of expertise, fashion recruitment, and I could not be happier with the results.
They took the time to create a luxury fashion brand that encompasses the components that best reflect the part of the industry I operate within. They then used that to craft a beautiful website that is not only technically proficient, providing functionality above and beyond my immediate competition, but is also extremely effective at engaging both clients and candidates. The digital team are both responsive and courteous, and I have developed a great working relationship with the whole team.
They have been with me since the inception of my business and now I am at a point where I could not imagine working without them. They have effectively secured all of my digital needs and taken good care of them. From the brand creation to innovative social media content, I am truly thankful.

Charmain Gyles-Ferguson, Founder/MD, Outside The Box Recruitment

It is very difficult to know which digital media company to choose as there is so much out there. We have worked with many before spending incredibly varying amounts of money on our website and to truthful, not really seeing any benefit. In absolute contrast, we have no trepidation in stating that Digital360 is by far the best we have ever come across. On time, on budget and the final product exceeded our expectations! We have received an original innovative product that truly reflects our business.

Darren Grey, FitFun Active