The Benefits Of Remote Working

Are you thinking about implementing remote working into your business model? Since the inception of our business, we have strived to ensure that remote work has been a key part of our company model. We have always believed that remote work provides a vast range of benefits and now research studies are effectively supporting this claim. 

The Benefits Of Remote Working

One study explored the benefits of remote working by analysing the output of approximately 250 employees. 

A key concern of businesses that shy away from working at home is that employees will not be able to avoid certain distractions. This includes the bed, TV and the fridge. However, the study which lasted nine months revealed that those working from home were able to increase their productivity by 13.5%. 

As well as this, those working from home took shorter breaks and fewer sick days. Over all, attrition rates were also 50% lower compared to those who operated from an office. 

One of the only negative findings was that approximately 50% of those in the working from home group was eager to return to the office. This was either due to distractions from people they lived with or the level of isolation experienced. 

As such, the study concluded that companies eager to implement remote work should do so on a contingency basis. This might include as part of a promotion or instead of a bonus. That way if productivity is impacted, they can return to the office. 

Our Views On Working From Home 

At Digital360 our perspective on remote work is clear. If the work is completed and meets the right standard, where the team member operates is largely irrelevant. However, it is important that employees are available for both face to face meetings as well as virtual meetings, potentially on a daily basis. Working from home makes this process easier and less stressful for employees. 

The Best Of Both Worlds

At Digital360, we have a fantastic setup that allows us to reap the key benefits of team members working from home while avoiding the limitations. We have a main office in Oxford Circus in Central London. This office acts as our main hub. It allows us to have a place where we can meet clients and have monthly team meetings. 

As well as this, we can also meet our clients at their premises when necessary. This is again possible due to our central location. 

Try It Yourself

At Digital360, remote work has always been part of our business model and we have no plans for this to change. Indeed, we urge you to consider introducing it in your own business model. You can do this for appropriate team members where remote work will be a practical and beneficial choice. 

The research study concluded that remote working is most effective for a couple of days out of the week, rather than on a permanent basis. It provides members of your team a break they need from the office without isolating them completely. 

If you would like to discuss the benefits of remote working or any other aspect of digital technology, please contact us and let’s start the conversation.


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