The Future of Solopreneurs & Digital360

Solopreneurs are remodeling what it means to own and run a business; single-handedly building businesses from the ground up. From the conception of the business to its day-to-day operations, the success and failure all rest on their shoulders. In the UK, 1 in 9 workers is now solo self-employed. With the technologies to build a company from your home, anyone has the tools to start a business like never before.


Whether you’re a graduate or you have life-long ambitions of starting your own business, the solopreneur path might be the next step in your career. Perhaps you’re already years into your solopreneurship journey, but you’re still trying to expand your business’s capabilities and reach a new audience.

Solopreneurship is game-changing, but going it alone is a daunting task. For solopreneurs, overseeing multiple services from social media content and scheduling, to blog writing, website design and beyond is a huge and difficult undertaking. This is on top of already running or launching a business. But these services are fundamental to your success in the digital age. So how do you strike the balance? Where do you start? If you’ve come for these answers, you’re in the right place.

At Digital360, we’re committed to unlocking the digital potential of our clients with the power of our virtual team. We wanted to create a solution that makes our working power accessible and streamlined. Where everything you need from us is in one place. That’s why we’re proud to announce the launch of the Digital360 mobile app. An industry game-changer aimed squarely at solopreneurs.

With the Digital360 mobile app, our virtual team and an array of services are just a few taps away. You can focus on what you do best for your business, whilst we work behind the scenes to grow and push to meet your business objectives.

In this blog, we’re going to run you through the rise, challenges and triumphs of solopreneurship. We’ll look at what’s possible for solopreneurs with the Digital360 mobile app in their pocket. We’ll look at how it can unlock your digital potential.


The Rise of Solopreneurs

It’s good being your own boss. Research from the Institute for Fiscal Studies even reported a growth in job satisfaction for those who shifted to working as solo self-employed in 2019. This new breed of freelancers aren’t like your typical entrepreneur. There’s no management of multiple divisions or teams. Since solopreneurs can use remote contractors, they might not even need to purchase or rent out office space.

So what has fuelled the rise of solopreneurs in the last decade? The same IFS study from above cited redundancies and dismissals as a driving factor for the uptake in solopreneurship. The impacts of the 2008 financial crash and recently the effects of Covid-19 have seen employment and market volatility. Rather than waiting for job opportunities to arrive, solopreneurs have forged alternative career paths by creating and doing the work themselves.

Technologies have improved remote working and automation. With the development of Cloud storage, online resources are accessible across the world. Zoom and communication channels like Slack can put you in direct contact with your customers. A new work-life balance is evolving as a result of the last decade. So, if you’ve been sitting on a product or business idea, take faith in the knowledge you’re joining an expanding, diverse community of entrepreneurs and business owners.

Whether you’re an e-commerce seller, fashion designer, life coach or podcaster. The power is in your hands.


What it Means to be a Solopreneur

If you’re a solopreneur, you’ve got to be a one-stop shop. In the space of a day, you might be doing creative design work on a product, attending a training course, filing invoices and presenting a business pitch. This comes with its upsides and its downsides.

You don’t have the financial pressures of employing and staffing a team; relying more so on outsourced work. That means no complicated payroll services or endless tax forms to fill in on their behalf. Solopreneurs can define the scope of their business model and customer acquisition. This means they can scale and grow their business appropriately. They can determine and be flexible with their workloads and working hours.

Whilst solopreneurs are ambitious people, ambition doesn’t always equal results. There are only so many hours in a day and so much one entrepreneur can achieve.

Let’s create a scenario solopreneur encounter all too often: you’re pitching your product and service to an investor or potential client, but your website is subpar. Perhaps you’ve made it yourself and it doesn’t fulfill the criteria for the current UI & UX demands… even the buttons and font are outdated. Or, perhaps you’ve outsourced the website design and construction to a freelancer or third party. However, there’s no one to update and maintain the website long-term, there are no promotional materials or links to a social media strategy. So even a good website isn’t enough if there’s no strategy for customer retention.

Very quickly, you can see how one issue a solopreneur faces impacts another issue. But the problem is bigger than the lack of digital resources. Without a sustained commitment to your business’s online and digital presence, you’ll soon lose the trust of customers and investors. If they can’t find what they’re looking for in 10 seconds of landing on your homepage, they’ll move on. If your e-commerce store isn’t working properly, you can’t complete transactions and sales. If your website’s copy doesn’t make an emotionally resonant case with customers, why will they buy your product? The digital capabilities of your business cannot be compromised.

This is the challenging balancing act solopreneurs have to master. You simply cannot run a business in the digital age without making your mark on the digital marketplace itself. So what can solopreneurs do to not only survive online, but to thrive?


Introducing the Digital360 Mobile App & Unlocking Your Digital Potential

What do we mean when we talk about unlocking your digital potential? We mean harnessing the full power of a range of digital resources and methodologies that elevate you above your competitors. Ensuring your engaging with customers from every angle whilst sustaining and building your business. Unlocking your digital potential is dependent upon your digital strategy. This is how you effectively deploy digital resources and the cyclical impact they have on creating results.

Every piece of the strategy is a stepping stone to success. Let’s use monthly newsletters as an example: you gain data-driven results with the engagement from your bespoke monthly newsletter, which includes services, products, events and blogs. From this engagement, we can analyse click-through rates, followers and subscriptions, what products and services are popular etc. This gives us the data to strategise about the future. What do customers respond to and what needs more attention? You can then link the newsletter to your website and social media channels. From just one digital service, you’ve tapped into a goldmine of data, sales and customer engagement.

The problem for solopreneurs…there just isn’t enough time in a day, or potentially the skills and resources to commit to a monthly newsletter. Or a social media campaign. Or search engine optimisation. This is how solopreneurs are caught in a catch-22.

So, imagine if you had a team that you could connect to in an instant who take care of all of this for you. A team you wouldn’t have to employ or monitor. One that you can contact when you need an Ad campaign, or a blog, or your website updating. This is why we built the Digital360 mobile app. Granting solopreneurs access to our expertise and virtual team in an instant.

The Digital360 virtual team have worked with a range of clients to provide a complete digital transformation for their business. Whether they’re a start-up or they’re an established business. If you want to find out more about our virtual team and how we work, check out our blog here. Don’t take our word from it, check out a testimonial from one of our clients, Mixed Freight:

“Taking the strongest skills from each person, we’ve had a myriad of different views that have formed our website to be the best it can possibly be – we wanted to reach out to newer generations whilst also catering to those who prefer things a bit more old-school. The expertise of Digital360 has been invaluable on this journey. We’ve traded insights into the workings of a 24/7 transport and logistics company for the steps necessary to successfully bring that online.”

You can read our full case study here.

The beauty of the Digital360 virtual team, is you get the benefits of an in-house team and an outsourced team. Because we have the resources from our individual workstations (such as industry software and devices) so that you won’t have to spend money on the digital infrastructure of your business. You can collaborate, and delegate work safely in the knowledge you’ll get the results you’re looking for. We take commissions and briefs from our clients, create content and develop strategies for their future. You’re getting premium outcomes at an affordable price.

From your initial consultations, you’ll select the services your business need and we’ll devise a plan for your digital transformation. You’ll be able to find your contracts and invoices in one place. You’ll have direct access to our team via live chat. This means you can always stay in touch and monitor the progress of projects. From idea to development to delivery, everything is streamlined through the app. Whatever you need is stored in one place and we’re just a few clicks away.


What’s In Store for Solopreneurs and Digital360

The day-to-day work for solopreneurs just got a lot easier. When you download our app you’re getting a trusted expert team, on hand, five days a week! Digital360 is proud to pioneer a mobile app, a project never seen before. We pride ourselves on the results we deliver and the relationships we foster with our clients. Now, we can reach clients like never before.

Digital360 are excited to launch the Digital360 mobile app at the end of May 2021. We’re providing a special 20% discount on our services for 30 solopreneurs to test out our launch. We’re no strangers to working with solopreneurs. Just check out our work with the up-and-coming fashion house MH Mena.

We’ll work with your budget to create first-class solutions. To look at our app in more detail, check out our landing page here.


If you’re interested in being part of our mobile launch, don’t hesitate to contact us today. The criteria is simple: send our director an email today at with your full name, email address, company name, years in business, your sector and what you want to achieve from this partnership.

We can’t wait to hear from you and the ambitions you have for the future.

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