The importance of a vision

When I set out to write my blog posts, I always have a vision in mind as to where the appeal of the post will lie. Who is going to be interested in this sort of topic? Who will be searching for this information? Does it help me achieve my overall mission? Who is going to be thinking the same things as I? This blog post started out in the same way. I thought about where this content would be placed on the web and who it would benefit.

Copycat business or a unique vision?

Similarly, when running a business, it is crucial you have a vision. That vision must be clear and communicated with you team, because it can’t remain just your vision. It needs to be something that every member of your team can articulate and buy in to. After all, how do you expect people to work for you and carry out certain tasks if they don’t understand where it is leading to in the end? They must share your vision.

There are plenty of “me too” businesses that simply look to mimic the work of another company. For example, let’s create another ‘Amazon’ for this type of product, or let’s become the ‘Uber’ in this area or for this specific clientele. This is fine in itself if your aim is just to get into business and create something that has proven demand based on an existing business model. But if you are a more creative thinker and are driven by something more than just creating a business that is a literal photocopy of someone else’s, the key ingredient is: vision.

A missing piece of the puzzle

I have found in my time in business that this is not a common attribute. For me, the major part of getting into business is the ability to create something that is unique to me – something that works for me. Of course, you need to create a product or service that has demand and appeals to consumers too. But it all starts with you.

If you can visualise a business that thrives working in a way that is different and embodies your core values and principles, then you are on the path to not only success but happiness. Your work becomes less of a job and more of a vocation. You can take pride in your creation as an artist would a painting or a photographer a photograph. After all, isn’t this why you started your business in the first place? If you simply wanted to reinvent the wheel, you should work for someone else?

How my business model differs

My business model is based on the close integration with other businesses. When providing digital services, I understand how my clients work and how they think. I understand what makes them unique. I dedicate digital360 to immersing our team into their culture and their way of thinking. It is the only way to successfully translate their unique story to their targeted consumer base. If you have a vision, let us bring it to fruition.

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