It’s important that you grasp the fundamental concepts of social media in order to truly understand why it’s such a fantastic tool for marketing purposes. A crucial component of any social media marketing campaign is to have a human element to your advertising. This means that you need to understand your audience, why and how they use each platform and also customise your approach for each one.

But how exactly do you match the right content to the right platform, and how do you design content for specific platforms? In this article, we’re going to discuss the importance of posting the right content and also how you can do it.

Understand the strengths of each platform

Every social media platform has a different strength and requires a different approach. Instagram is focused mainly on images and videos which means it’s very visually-oriented, whereas Twitter is more suitable for short text-based messages and LinkedIn is used in a professional capacity so it attracts a more professional audience.

The platforms all have their own audience and you can’t just simply bundle them up into the same group and call them “social media platforms”. While the description does fit, it’s vital to understand that each platform has a different set of strengths that need to be utilised in order to provide maximum benefit to your marketing campaign.

Showing the human element of your brand

People find it easier to associate themselves with a brand if they show a very human and down-to-earth personality. This is why brands communicating on social media can either be met with extreme praise or criticism. If you understand the culture of Instagram and what makes a good post and then follow those rules, you’ll blend in with other Instagram users and offer a human touch to your advertising which can then be capitalised on due to your increased exposure and wider acceptance.

Showing an understanding of the platforms you use not only makes you more professional but also more relatable which is always a positive in such a cutthroat advertising world.

Formatting content for separate platforms

If you find yourself copying the same message and using the same pictures for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram then you’re going to seem lazy. These are fundamentally different platforms with different audiences so you’re not utilising their full potential and you’re also potentially causing your audience to dislike your campaign since it could seem spammy.

There will likely be some kind of overlap, such as advertising the same product on multiple platforms, but you need to format each piece of content to fit separate social media platforms in order to take advantage of them. For instance, Instagram has a focus on visual content which makes it more appealing to a younger and creative user base, whereas LinkedIn is more suited for a corporate environment.

Getting the right help

To take advantage of the many social media platforms that people use, it’s important to partner with a company that understands what they’re doing. have been in the business for many years and offer three different tiers of digital marketing services that encompass the entire spectrum of social media platforms and their potential uses. We have a Foundation Plan for new clients, an Intermediate Plan for more advanced users an Expert Plan that features everything we offer. Don’t hesitate to Get in touch or explore‘s services page for more information on what we can offer you and your brand.

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