The importance of professional photography in your campaigns.

So you spent hours writing the perfect blog post; it’s creative, it’s SEO optimized and it targets your chosen demographic! Excellent, so what’s the problem? The problem is that so many blogs and marketing campaigns alike will undermine their efforts by using the wrong photographs.

Anything blurry, badly framed, or poorly taken on your phone is not going to do your brand any favours. When your blog has a professional focus or is aimed at B2B customers, you’ll need to consider the images which you are using carefully. 

Are your images elevating your writing and adding a quality feel? If they aren’t, you’ll want to fix this quickly! On speaking to a top professional photographer, John Ferguson, he explained to me the importance of excellent photography in a time where social media has become increasingly visual. Pink in Paris, featured, is from his own personal collection.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that professional photography is crucial for your blogs and marketing campaigns. 

 1. Impact 

With so many different blogs and campaigns competing for attention, it’s vital that your photographs make an impact. Ask yourself; do your photographs stand out? Are they likely to be remembered? (If the answers are no, you’ll likely want a do-over!) When we are talking about the impact, we can also consider the SEO impact. It’s a fact that websites with professional photography generate more traffic than those without. We can put this down to the way that images contribute to the search engine optimization value. The associated descriptions and tags of the photography allow the search engines to understand the content and prioritize quality. 

 You’ll know that your blog content has to be top-notch to engage and draw people in. Well, your photography is content that can serve to engage people just as much (or put them off)! When it comes to content, photography and videos are generally shared more on social media than text alone. So if you’ve got some great photography with your blog post, it stands to reason that it’s more likely to get shared too. 

2. Quality 

The quality of your photographs is imperative when it comes to marketing; one of the reasons being that quality keeps things more versatile. If your photographs are too low quality, they will end up looking more pixelated depending on the platform which you choose to upload them too. If you opt for professional-quality photography, you’ll have a beautiful set of pictures of the highest standards. You’ll be able to use them across your website, your social media or in print. When you look back over your body of work, one of the things that will really stand out is the quality of the images. Needless to say, beautiful images will always capture people’s attention over bad ones. With professional images, you will exponentially increase the chances of someone reading your blog post! With the right photography you’ll give your blog a digital transformation that turns your content around.

3. Credibility

Having high-quality photographs will ensure that you present yourself as credible, and this largely ties into your branding too. If you have poor quality photographs, you will automatically come across as unprofessional and lose points as an authoritative brand that can be trusted. Everything that you do is an opportunity to present your brand persona; from your tone of voice to your social media interactions. When it comes to credibility it’s so often about the aesthetics. If anything about your branding looks a bit shabby, this will tarnish your marketing and your image! High quality photographs are far more likely to capture people’s imagination and create a buzz. 

 4. Uniqueness  

Whether you employ a pro like John or use a photo library such a Shutterstock, you’ll want to set the bar as high as you possibly can. Using a professional can allow you to gain a complete library of shots for ongoing use on your social media and elsewhere. A professional touch can mean that you ensure that your images are entirely unique original to you. This uniqueness will allow you to stand out and make your mark in a sea of so much competition. Consistently unique content that impresses people can really drive your marketing campaign.

While there are some beautiful stock photos out there, it’s important not to overuse the most popular ones. A lot of the time people want to see your brand or business in action. When you use a professional photographer you’ll be ensuring personalized and consistent content. Your web visitors will be keen to get to know you and what you have on offer. can offer you blog writing services that utilise the best in photographic content as well as the written word. Get in touch today for a consultation.

Reference: John Ferguson

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