Fulfilling one leadership role in a business can be trying enough. When you have to play two at once, then things can get really challenging. Such is the life of the business owner who also plays the role of the manager. It can leave you feeling stretched between duties, unable to focus long enough on one task to do it most effectively and it can sap you of the passion you have for your business. Here, we’re going to take a closer look at the owner/manager conundrum at the steps you can take to solve it.

A leader with many hats

Though you’re both an owner and a manager, you’re wearing more than two hats. You’re going to be switching from marketing to sales to IT to staff leader, often all in one day. As such, learning to prioritize which work in which role matters most every day is important. When you’re putting together your to-do list, make sure to order them by priority and urgency and whether or not you have the resources on hand to do them now. The ones that fall lower on the list should instead go in the “to-don’t” pile, letting you better see what you can safely leave for another time.

Learning how to plate spin

If you simply start tackling the duties on your list in the order that you read them, it can feel like you’re trying to chip away at a never-ending pile. What’s more, work tends to expand to fill the amount of time you let it, so you could end up getting less done per day. Whether you use a sheet of paper, an Excel sheet or a workload management app, schedule out your day and set aside blocks of time for everything on your to-do list. It helps you structure your day, ensure you get more done and also that you don’t get stuck on those duties where difficulties crop up to waste your time.

Be serious about wasted time

Track the amount of time you spend on your more regular tasks. From reading and replying to emails to getting distracted by Youtube videos and social media. Identify your biggest time wasters and use the tools that can diminish them. In the case of wasting time online, you can use website blockers that only allow you to access certain domains during certain times of the day, for instance.

Do less, get more done

The power of delegation is an important one that should be exercised where possible. Outsourcing can help you manage your duties much more cost-effectively than hiring new staff while relying on proven, professional services. With teams like digital360.mobi, it’s easy to take all your digital technology and digital marketing needs off your own shoulders. That leaves you a lot more time to focus on other critical duties without having to worry about them not being handled. Owner-managers face their fair share of duties and challenges, but they don’t need to face them underprepared or alone. A free 1-hour strategic consultation from digital360.mobi can help you free up the time you need, giving you one less plate to spin. Get in touch here.


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