Virtual Teams & Digital Strategy – The Key To Your Business’s Future

Unlocking the potential of virtual teams can push your business into a future of prosperity and sustainability.

In 2020 around the globe we saw a fundamental change to our working lives, as employees vacated their offices and began remote working. Despite the challenges we faced, out of the most challenging circumstances came new innovations that have saved industries and redefined our working lives.


In order to survive and thrive, businesses embraced new digital marketing strategies, online customer portals, virtual communications channels and more to reach new audiences and maintain their existing base.

The weight of expectation pushed virtual teams to find solutions to contemporary global demands. Whether you’re a start-up, SME or established company, your success and future is wedded to how you and your team implement a digital strategy. As more labour is moved online, businesses become reliant on tech. How you will prepare for a future online will be foundational to growth and longevity.

But what if you lack the capacity, skills and time to focus on or grow your virtual team? What if your staff are already inundated with work whilst your website sits outdated and your social media platforms dormant? What do you do when your operations require an app, but you don’t have an in-house engineer? This is where Digital360 comes in. We’re going to cover everything you need to know about virtual teams, why their digital strategy is vital to your success and how you could have your own in-house virtual team installed overnight.


Virtual Teams & Staff Augmentation – The Basics

Through communication technologies, anyone worldwide can work collaboratively and provide their customers and clients with services and products. Teams can organise projects over channels such as Zoom, Slack, CRMs, and emails and provide regular updates. Of course, remote and virtual working is not new, but as technologies and customer demands have grown, so have virtual teams’ expectations.

In the wake of Covid-19, moving operations onto virtual platforms became a lifeline. Contact with customers through social media platforms, newsletters and automated notifications were pivotal to maintaining communication. With fierce competition, branding and website design had to be fit for the digital age; if a customer can’t find what they’re looking for on your website in 10-seconds-tops, you’ve lost them. More than that, you always need to evaluate your customers’ engagement with your business through data and analytics. This is alongside your business’s daily tasks and duties. Hence, a virtual team has had to become an all-encompassing productivity-machine, working across different skills, sectors and disciplines.

This poses challenges for many business owners who do not have the funds to hire a new virtual team or the skills in-house to pull-off these demands. Staff augmentation is an excellent option if your choices are limited. You’re able to employ staff members for a short amount of time to work on a specific project they specialise in. These could be freelancers or members of a staff augmentation firm.

Now more than ever, businesses have a wealth of opportunities to overcome and adapt to the uncertainties markets and physical restrictions throw at them through virtual team-working. Virtual teams are here to stay! What can be difficult is weighing up the pros and cons of the right model for you. Overseeing multiple services and duties inside your business’s limitations can stultify progress.


The Challenges Facing You and Your Digital Team

If you’re a start-up, navigating the digital world can be overwhelming and professional guidance a necessity. Maybe you need a long-term staffing solution and cannot rely on a revolving door of freelancers…but you can’t afford to pay for new full-time staff either. Perhaps you have ambition and concepts for your company’s future but lack the resources and technical skills to achieve your goals. All of these are things you need to consider when reviewing your virtual team or preparing to launch a new business or campaign.

Even with your virtual team assembled, you cannot underestimate the time-scale, talent, and consistency necessary to achieve your place on the digital market. For example, building a new or updated website requires a skilled web-designer, trained in UI and UX. One who knows about the psychology of navigating a website, formatting and even the latest design of a button! Even if you hire someone to build the site, you still have to update it regularly and fix any issues that might come up. What looks like a viable project you could complete on becomes a task that requires creative and software engineering credentials if it’s truly going to reflect your business. That’s an enormous responsibility to put on you or a team member who lack the qualifications.

Whilst virtual working has increased, so have the challenges and balances every business needs to consider. Your team needs to have synergy, independent project management skills, unbeatable communication, creativity, original concepts and ideas, and in-depth knowledge of customer behaviour and satisfaction. Above all, they need to share a vision for your business’s future. It’s difficult to nurture that vision with an outsourced company looking for short-term work, or staff employed on short-term contracts. If you don’t have the funds to recruit and expand operations, you’re all out of options.

So, what if there was another option, that could save the costs on recruiting full-time workers and give you the time to focus on your core business? With Digital360’s integrated virtual team, you get a new in-house team installed overnight that attaches to your company and provides its skills in the places your lacking. Digital360 share your commitment to a prosperous future achieved through digital means. We collaborate with your business to discover what you need to achieve success. Working interdependently with you and our colleagues, we devise digital strategies that boost your brand presence, clientele retention, data analytics and more.


Why Can’t Businesses Survive Without an Online Presence? The Basics of Digital Strategy

A few posts to an Instagram account and a list of services available on your website won’t cut it in 2021. If you want your business to stand out, you need a holistic, targeted and sustained approach to success. By ‘digital strategy’, we’re referring to using all of the online platforms and utilities you have laterally, for the best customer engagement possible. Everything is connected and purposeful, no matter your business. This digital strategy produces cyclical results: you’re always harvesting data and information from your customers to plan future campaigns, whilst building a brand image and history that establishes trust and reputation with your consumers. Customers come with high expectations, and they expect high standards.

This covers multiple vectors simultaneously. Let’s use social media as a starting point. With daily posts across all of your social platforms, you’re always targeting your clientele. This keeps them informed about products, news and events. However, the posts have to be purposeful and consistent: bespoke graphics and animations that match your branding; articles, research and news that show you are invested in the latest updates in your field; professional photos and videos; customer surveys; payment and contact portals. From your social media strategy alone, your virtual team needs to have a dedicated graphic designer, researcher, photographer, videographer and blog writer to successfully utilise your social media potential. Think of every piece of your digital strategy like a stepping-stone to success.

You have a limited amount of time to win a customer’s trust and investment from a quick Google search or the swipe of a finger; then, you need to nurture that investment all year-round. When you neglect the necessary steps to get customers from the Facebook market to your website’s basket, you rob yourself of unlimited commerce. That’s why using your digital resources to their fullest potential is foundational. To build that pathway, your digital strategy and virtual team must work in tandem.


The Digital360 Transformation – Combining Our Virtual Team with Your Digital Strategy

So we’ve identified the salience of digital strategy and virtual teams, why they need to work together and the potential pitfalls that could occur if your (already hard-working) team cannot commit to implementing a digital strategy. With Digital360, you can address all of these issues with our integrated virtual team of specialists. Through a research and interviewing process, we learn everything there is to know about your business: from your ethos to target audience, operations, team members and goals for the future. From there, we’ll devise and guide you through a digital strategy that utilises our virtual team and services with clear objectives and results.

We integrate with your team members to retrieve information and tasks whilst always keeping you in the loop about our progress and finished products. This way, you’re getting the benefits of outsourcing, staff augmentation and an in-house virtual team at once. The strategy is always on-going, so there’s room for improvements and new directions. You can meet our team here to find out more about them and their area of expertise! As a virtual team with global outreach, we’re not bound by geography and have worked throughout the pandemic to help businesses and start-ups reach their digital potential.

Whether you work in transportation and logistics, recruitment, fashion, education, clinical research (or any sector for that matter) our services can push your online scope and traction to its highest potential. Let’s break some of these services down.

Data-Driven Results – with our SEO, PPC and Newsletter Management services we’re able to harvest information about customer engagement and push you to the fore of prospective customers’ searches. We create newsletters that are bespoke to you and your company with a specific template and design. It serves as a great tool to promote whatever you want, but it’s also a data goldmine. With Mailchimp’s analytics, we can monitor click-through rate, new and lost subscribers and email campaigns. Alongside our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pays-Per-Click (PPC) services, every click a customer makes generates traffic, profit or is used for plotting the next marketing campaign.

Digital & Technical Infrastructure –  from Website Design & Build to Hosting, Mobile Apps and Bespoke Software, we create and manage elegant, functional solutions and products. Each interface is designed and built with the user experience in mind. Whether you want a new website, mobile app or payment portal, our designers and engineers ensure the finished product provides an efficient and streamlined experience for the clientele.

Marketing & Branding – don’t underestimate the power of a hashtag or a new blog update. With our Social Media Marketing, Performance Marketing, Copywriting and Blogging services, we’re able to strategically grow your online following whilst building your brand’s image. In a world with more and more bite-sized information, a clear and direct copy is crucial to cut through to customers. A well-maintained blog or an advertising campaign that authentically captures your business are exemplary strategies for cementing reputation and customer relationships. With our performance marketing manager, we always know where to put resources and ideas for the most productive results.

Start-Ups – if you’re a Start-Up knowing where to begin and how to build an online following can be a daunting prospect. Every step of the way from your website build to personal bio write-up, we lay the foundations for your business’s growth. You can start as big or small as you want, using the services and team members that can get you off the ground and alleviate the burden of your digital labour. This gives you time to make your product(s) the very best they can be. We’ll be with you every step of the way.


In Conclusion – A Virtual Team At Your Fingertips?

At Digital360, we’re committed to meeting new clients and helping them unlock their digital potential. We’ve mastered and harnessed the art of virtual team working and want to make our operations and communications as accessible as possible. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of our upcoming app, currently in development for release later this year. You’ll be able to find all of your contacts and services in one dedicated platform, putting you in direct connection with our virtual team. All of the services and progress updates you need will be a few clicks away! As we head into the future, we look forward to expanding our operations and integrating our virtual team alongside yours.

If you’re ready to digitally transform your business and discover everything the app has to offer, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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