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We predict that 2019-20 will see virtual reality finally start to enter main stream consciousness.

Social media is where everyone is at! So it only makes sense that there are new ways being created for users to interact on social media. For instance, Facebook launched a VR application few years ago that allows the users to interact with each other in a virtual space. 3D avatars are used to represent each person and these are customizable. Content can be shared with one another using VR headsets and the controllers. Not only can people hang out in this virtual environment, they can also share media and take VR tours or have voice chats. Spaces can be controlled using controllers such as Oculus Touch. 

Brands use Facebook Spaces Live 

Did you know that brands can also make use of the immersive means of Facebook Spaces to connect with their audience? This is a great way for brands to make their presence known. They can go LIVE in social VR to create a more engaging connection with their followers. Note that you need to create a Facebook Group to take part in Facebook Spaces as a brand. If your audience misses your live video they can always catch it again when it’s pinned to your group. 

There are several branded shows lined up on Facebook Spaces such as Feature Friday’s. This is a creative way for a brand to go LIVE. Branded shows will help you consistently reach your audience and help keep you memorable in a flood of content. 

Music videos or advertisements can also be created. The 360 video features can be used to create an immersive experience that is the next best thing to reality. Brands can also get influencers to share your videos on Facebook Spaces Live.

VR on social media has also transformed the events Industry, although it is still fairly new. VR is able to make experiences stream LIVE for people who cannot physically be there. 

Fans can also share their favorite moments on VR. This not only allows an audience to share their videos in a more engaging way but it also allows brand to get more exposure. If there is a trade show or an important conference, this can also be shared on VR. 

If a company is hosting an event on VR they can allow the speakers to connect with customers or other industry partners so they can all join in. Brands can also follow up by reconnecting with an attendee or a speaker at a later date to have a recap of the experience. Brands can label this event as an ‘After Party’ to continue the conversation. 

Another creative way of not just reaching out but also helping their customers or partners is to host a Q&A session with their product team. Facebook Spaces is a great way to showcase a brand’s services and products. It is the most personal way of reaching out to an audience and presenting them with the benefits of choosing your business products or services. 

Reviews can also be done on Facebook Spaces whether it is a game, a product or a service; it can be reviewed just the same way as anywhere else. Except, its immersive. Links can be shared so that audience can connect with your brand outside of Facebook Spaces. 

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