We are a virtual team. Our team becomes your team.

With the Digital360 team, you’ll get an in-house team installed over night, but one that is self-dependant, reliable and external to your operations, so you can focus on the day-to-day work you and your team need to do. Our mission is to take our bespoke skills and use them to transform your business’s online presence into a thriving digital enterprise.

Whether it’s a new social media strategy to gain followers, a modern web-design or a fresh perspective on marketing language, our bespoke knowledge and contributions culminate into the end-product you’re looking for. From the beginning of the process we’ll establish a clear path to completion with research into you, your company and your target audience to yield the best results.

What our clients say

We seemlessly integrate with your company to generate word class digital output.

Our core team work in close communication with one another, pooling together all of our expertise and efforts behind the scenes to deliver the best results for our clients. As individuals and as a team we integrate with, and guide our clients through their digital transformations and projects; creating and nurturing a professional and enjoyable working relationship along the way.

Equipped, efficient and ready to help you unlock your digital potential.

As a team, we offer all of the best assets you’re looking for from outsourcing companies without compromising on efficiency or your internal workings. With us, you can save on the cost of hiring new staff, resourcing equipment, maintaining and updating your online platforms and committing your team to technically and time consuming projects your team aren’t equipped to do. That’s what makes us special.

Headquartered in central London, our team spans many continents. The virtual team consists of a Social Media and Marketing team in London, a Design team in Stockholm and Madrid, a Web Development team in Mumbai, and a Software Development team in Belarus.


Dwayne created Digital360
with a vision to drive SMEs
digital transformation

Dwayne Ferguson
Image (1)

Valentina will ensure your
business and work reach the
widest audience

Valentina Gueraldo
Digital Marketing Executive
Image (2)

Jack will launch your social
media platforms to the
next level

Jack Howells
Social Media Manager / Researcher
Image (3)

Edward turns ideas and
ambitions into fluent,
accessible text and copy

Edward Marriott
Image (4)

Veronica transforms ideas into
on-brand designs and
user-friendly experiences

Veronica Mesuraca
UX/UI Designer
Image (5)

Elijah is our bright and talented
young coding intern

Elijah Skerrett-Donalds
Digital Intern

Need to talk through your options with our professionals?

You deserve to know everything that you need to know before you embark on a significant digital technology spend, so we’ve decided to provide you with the knowledge you need to get it right.  The knowledge Virtual Consultancy is our introductory call service with our professionals to get to know everything you could be doing to help your digital transformation.

You are under zero pressure to use our services, but we could be the independent consultants that you need to discuss your approach and get some insight into it. Our specialists can deliver you the solutions that you need to transform your business and boost your marketing effectiveness.

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