When the era of social media began, Facebook was easily every marketer’s favorite platform. There wasn’t any algorithm in the early days that kept a check on how much reach a business page’s post could get. All that changed in recent years due to an influx of users complaining about being advertised to excessively. Since then, Facebook has kept its algorithms in check, allowing businesses to operate on a pay to play basis. The most you invest in promotions, the further your posts will go, regardless of most other factors. This isn’t the same case with Instagram. 

The Algorithm

Instagram’s algorithm ensures that the most recent post from any source a user is following will be the first to appear on their timelines. This allows businesses to reach their audience at a much cheaper rate. As long as a business maintains an active page with relevant posts, they can amass a larger following than on Facebook.

How demographics affect Instagram

You will find that the younger generations and adults less than forty are the ones who are active on Instagram. Most of the audience on Facebook seems to be funneling into older users who just want to stay in touch with family, or users who have an account just to stay updates with their friends and family members. 

But Instagram is where it’s at. From children to adults, Instagram’s quick scrolling, less reading type of platform allows for casual browsing. Since most businesses have their target audience on Instagram, it only makes sense to exist more actively on this platform. There are over 1 billion active users on Instagram every month. Since teenagers and young adults use this platform heavily it won’t be surprising if they continued to do so even in the years to come just as the previous generation still uses Facebook. 

The features 

Apart from just posting things on Instagram with a campaign hashtag, there are several things you can do on Instagram to leverage some reach. For instance, Instagram stories are a great way to capture the attention of followers. They appear on the top of the user’s feed and stay there for 24 hours. Once the 24 hours are up, the stories still remained pinned to the top of the source’s profile so it can be revisited at any time.

Instagram analytics now allows businesses to track their progress on the platform. The analytical tool provides valuable information from demographics of followers, their location, the total reach and impressions. These type of factors help a business to study its audience in a better way. It allows one to plan campaigns and implement them accordingly. 

Instagram Influencers 

Businesses are making use of the availability of Instagram Influencers. These are people who amass a following for various reasons and continue to entertain and inform them. Influencers can help a business advertise its products or services in a matter of seconds, with a huge audience reach. This is a great way of promoting new products and services. You don’t always have to hire an influencer, if your product or service is good enough, someone might just pick it up and review it for free if they appreciate it. So the solution to Instagram influencer marketing is a mix of luck and strategy for businesses who want to make it big on the platform. 

With active users, fresh users joining every day and loads of influencers to work with, Instagram is the best place for businesses to network today.

Instagram in order to be effective needs careful management and curation. As a business this is important as your Instagram feed is a direct reflection of your company. Digital360 has three levels of social media management and Instagram plays a central part in all three. For more information email contact@digital360.mobi


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