Why your digital agency should be an extension of your company

The times we live in is governed by one thing: change! It is not the biggest and best who survive but those who are best able to adapt to change. In the 21st century, where technology is changing at its fastest pace in history, this means that we have to adapt to change in ways we would not have considered even just two years ago. All you need to do is think about where your business was a couple of years ago, and think about where it is now. Think about the different challenges you face. Think about the changes you have made to your business. It’s remarkable to think about, right? In a business-to-business scenario, how we view our digital partners and other strategic suppliers have completely changed.

Trust is the cornerstone of all supplier relationships

As business gets more organic, with fewer and fewer barriers, we have to open our minds to the fact that our business has to be fluid if it is to be sustainable. What we mean by this is that the same way the Internet has broken down geographical borders and barriers to entry into certain markets, we as business people must stop working in silos and embrace our primary suppliers as partners. This means building trust and forging long-term relationships based on a mutually beneficial system of cooperation.

The way a company works now with deeply integrated links into other companies, which may be on the other side the world, but offer a complimentary service that, which makes your offering more competitive and compelling. More and more companies are outsourcing, of course, but it’s not just about seeking the help of other businesses; it’s about the way that we do it. We’re no longer looking for one-off services. We’re looking to develop deep partnerships, so that we can help each other to thrive.

All companies need a digital partner

This model will increasingly become the norm, as companies look to keep operating costs down but offer a wider range of services to a new and wider customer base. With this in mind, one of your primary partnerships should be with your digital agency.

Digital technology as we all know is all pervasive, which makes it almost impossible to stay on top of such things as; inbound marketing, digital marketing, blogging, SEO, PPC, social media marketing as well as website design, build and maintenance, and that is before we even get to mobile apps and technologies like blockchain. A lot of companies have tried to do this in-house, and they have failed. Why? Because it takes an incredible number of resources, it is all-consuming, and it requires expert knowledge and expert tools.

That is why it is key to find a partner that you can trust to build a long term relationship with, that will not try to exploit the gaps in your knowledge but work with you to fill them and enhance your company in whichever particular market you happen to be in.

After all, digital marketing is not a one-time thing. Think about what websites used to look like five years ago. Think about what SEO was like only a couple of years ago. Content was stuffed with keywords. It had no value. Duplicates were a thing of the norm. If you were to take this approach today, you’d find yourself blacklisted by Google. You need to keep moving forward, and you will only do this with a digital agency that acts as your partner. They will understand your business inside out, as well as the online world you operate in, and so they will be able to devise a unique strategy that helps you to boost your exposure and enhance your brand image online. This is not something you can simply address once and forget about. It needs continual attention, from staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and algorithms to spotting unique opportunities for your business. You can only do this with a digital agency that knows your company and works alongside it.

Contact Digital360.mobi today and let’s create a fruitful partnership.

Digital360.mobi is the pioneer of this approach, we work with a selected number of new partners each year to obtain that level of trust. Contact us here if you feel your company would benefit from this approach and partner with us for 2019 and beyond.

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  1. Great article. Speaking as a copywriter, I couldn’t agree more that content needs to be dynamic and engaging. Gone are the days of ‘shoehorn this set of words into the first paragraph at least three times each’, and the stilted copy that resulted. Google may be looking for more engaging copy – but so are readers! Connect with readers through value-rich content, and they will become customers.

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