Young people and digital marketing.

All too often, people roll their eyes and talk about the ‘youth of today’ in a derogatory manner. While not every teenager is a shining example of the model citizen, young people have a huge amount to offer. For those who are exploring potential career options, it pays to focus on industries and sectors that offer opportunities to progress and to use youthfulness as an advantage. In the world of digital marketing, being young and hip can be seriously beneficial. 

What do young people have to offer digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a growing industry, which is dominating the business landscape. While a career in digital marketing can offer young people an array of opportunities and advantages, this is a two-way street. People in their teens and their 20s offer companies and forward-thinking businesses an insight into what young people want, and this is key in an age where social media reigns supreme. 

It’s very common for businesses, especially those that rely heavily on digital marketing techniques, to target young buyers and customers. If you’re a company trying to reach out to a teenager or a 20-year-old, what could be better than employing candidates of the same age and using their knowledge of trends to create incredible, tailored campaigns?

The importance of social media

Look around you on a bus or train, and you’ll probably see most young people glued to their phones. Some might be checking the news headlines or the weather, but the majority will be scrolling through feeds and photos. Social media is a dominant force in our society today, and it plays a crucial role in attracting customers online and raising brand awareness. When it comes to capitalising on the popularity of social media, young people are ideally placed to help companies target the right people and design and implement strategies that will actually appeal to those buyers. Social media is utilised across industries, from fashion and tech to food and drinks, hospitality and entertainment, and an effective campaign can send sales soaring. In the 21st century, it can take seconds to go viral, and young people know what works and how to get the best out of different social media platforms. 

The role of young people

When talking about success in business, many people are eager to write young people off. The reality is that the youth of this country contributes £20 billion per year to the economy and young people have a major say in what’s hot and what’s not. Today’s teenagers influence their friends, their family members and wider networks of followers and associates via social media. As a business owner, if you’re keen to tap into growing markets by selling products and services to young people, it makes sense to have older teens and people in their 20s on your team. Injecting youthfulness into a campaign, providing a real-life insight into how young people think and shop, and offering predictions about emerging trends can help to take a brand from bland to brilliant. 

Young people have a vast amount to offer in the field of digital marketing. With brands attempting to drum up interest on social media and hundreds of businesses targeting young consumers, this is a career path that should appeal to anyone who wants to use their youthful drive, energy, ambition and a penchant for being bang on-trend to go far. If this brief sounds familiar, why not consider applying for a job in digital marketing?

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